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~~~ Specimen Sizes and Size Categories ~~~
Dimensions of specimens are given on the specimen description page and quoted in centimeters (cm).
Please do check these carefully as close up photos taken to show the detail of specimens can give the impression of minerals being larger than they actually are.
Dimensions are quoted in the order of largest to smallest, irrespective of how these relate to the main display orientation.

The size category for each specimen is given in the summary information on search results pages.
This is intended as a guide to approximately how large the piece is to help quickly identify specimens that may be of interest when scanning down a list. The categories are defined as follows:

Thumbnail - all dimensions are less then 3cm
Miniature - at least one dimension is 3cm or larger
Small Cabinet - at least one dimension is 5cm or larger
Cabinet - at least one dimension is 10cm or larger

Some specimens may be ‘downgraded’ to reflect the nature of the piece – for example a specimen with a largest dimension of 3.5cm would theoretically be classed as a miniature but if the main mineral is present as small crystals and better viewed close-up then we will define it as a thumbnail. In general thumbnails are supplied in clear plastic boxes for ease of handling and viewing with a lens, whereas miniatures are more suitable for cabinet display.
Specimens are never ‘upgraded’ to a larger size category, regardless of their features or display attributes.