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~~~ About Taranis Minerals ~~~

Taranis Minerals is run by Nic and Phil who both have a passion for minerals and have been collecting for many years.

Nic's obsession with minerals began as a child with collecting around disused mines on family holidays in Cumbria and quickly developed to include aesthetic, worldwide specimens acquired at local mineral shows. At University Nic studied Mining Geology and subsequently worked in mineral exploration before undertaking a PhD in the study of metalliferous ore deposit formation. Nic's mineral collecting now focusses on highly aesthetic miniature and small cabinet specimens and aesthetic examples of rare species. Nic founded Taranis Minerals in 2009 following a long harboured ambition to become a mineral dealer as well as a collector.

Phil's love of minerals stems from a fascination with chemistry that manifested pre-teenage years, with unusual activities such as growing crystals in beakers and extracting metals from ores carried out in the confines of his family's garden shed. With a PhD in Chemistry Phil now undertakes his own research as well as providing consultancy services to industry. Phil's interest in minerals has evolved over time and he is an avid collector with a keen eye for striking display specimens and a particular interest in rare uranium species.

The specimens offered by Taranis Minerals are all carefully and individually selected for aesthetics and rarity and include fine examples from new finds that are fresh to the market as well as classic material from old collections. We pay particular attention to the storage, transport and handling of our specimens to ensure that they remain in pristine condition and we take pride in displaying them to their best advantage at the shows we attend. Taranis Minerals is a regular exibitor at a number of UK shows each year including the Haywards Heath Show, the Bakewell Rock Exhange, the Oxford Mineral Shows and the Hampshire Mineral and Fossil Show - please Click Here for a list of show dates for the coming months.

Taranis Minerals at Haywards Heath 2009

Our first show - Haywards Heath 2009

Taranis Minerals at Bakewell 2011

Exhibiting at the Bakewell Rock Exchange in 2011

Taranis Minerals at Bakewell 2012

Setting up at the Bakewell Show in 2012

Taranis at Haywards Heath in 2013

Taranis tables at Haywards Heath 2013

Taranis Minerals at Haywards Heath 2014

Taranis specimens at the Haywards Heath Show in 2014

Taranis display at Oxford 2014

Taranis display at the Oxford Show, September 2014