Catalogue number #2592

Bixbyite with Topaz and Pseudobrookite

Topaz Mountain, Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah, USA

Size 4.1x3.4x1.8cm

Price £80

Two lustrous bixbyite crystals are perched aesthetically on rhyolite matrix, the larger bixbyite is 6mm across. Both crystals show modified corners with the formation of octahedral faces and some stepped growth notches on the edges. One crystal has a couple of tiny nicks visible with a lens but they are otherwise pristine. There is a small topaz just above the larger bixbyite and a few scattered crystals of pseudobrookite, the main one just to the left of the smaller bixbyite being approx. 2.5mm long. Excellent example of this classic material. Photos taken with specimen supported.