Catalogue number #1431

Calcite and Sphalerite

Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee, USA

Size 12.5x6.5x4.8cm

Price £220

Numerous gemmy calcite crystals, double termianted with the typical golden colour from this locality are perched ontop of sphalerite. The largest calcite is 1.5cm across but most are 0.5-1cm. The sphalerite is highly lustrous, shows deep reddish brown internal reflections and has excellent, sharp crystal form with crystals reaching 2cm across. The sphalerite is aesthetically scattered over a light grey matrix which sparkles from a coating of microcrystalline dolomite. Excellent contrast and aesthetics, self stands as photographed. There are just a few minor scuffs to the sphalerite and one calcite is cleaved, but these are not noticable and do not detract. Striking cabinet specimen.