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~~~ Welcome to Taranis Minerals ~~~

Trading online and at UK Mineral Shows since 2009

Welcome to our website. We offer high quality minerals from around the world at affordable prices and specialise in aesthetic miniature & small cabinet specimens and aesthetic rare minerals. We post specimens to almost anywhere in the world and accept payment via credit or debit card in most major currencies using Paypal. To view minerals that we currently have on offer please use the search options above or click the quick links to recent updates or one of our current favourites listed below.

RECENT UPDATES - August 2017, Just added - an excellent andradite from the Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa, two classic grossular specimens from the Jeffrey Mine, Canada and a well formed alexandrite from Bahia, Brazil. July 2017 - new specimens include enargite from the famous Butte Mine, a gorgeous deep blue fluorite from Huanggang, China, gemmy cleiophane from Madan, Bulgaria and an unusual combination of apatite, tetrahedrite and pyrite from Peru.
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November 2016 - We have changed the mineral information pages so that the photos are larger and better resolution to make it easier to see details of the specimens. We have updated photos for recently added specimens and will gradually update the rest over the coming months.

UK Shows 2017

This year we will be attending theOxford Mineral Shows, the Southampton Mineral and Fossil Show, the Bakewell Rock Exchange and the Sussex Hawards Heath Show. Click here for our 2017 Show List. If you visit any of these shows and there are specimens on our website that you would like to see in person then do drop us an email and we will bring them along.

Our Guarantee...

We want you to be delighted with your purchases and we make every effort to represent specimens as accurately as possible. However, if a specimen does not live up to expectations we will provide a full refund subject to our Returns Policy.


For information about our specimen photographs and how best to view them please see our Photo Info page. For information about mineral sizes and size categories please see our Size Info page.


Striking blue Prehnite from a small find in the Merelani Hills, Tanzania, in 2013. Extremely rare colour for prehnite and good crystal form for the find, a lovely small cabinet sized piece. £120.


Wonderful thumbnail with blueish sparkling Scorodite contrasting beautifully with a single yellow cube of fluorite, a rare combination from the classic Clara Mine, Germany. £60.


Bright white Stilbite forming a spherical mass of lustrous fanning crystals. Attractive miniature from the Italian side of Monte Blanc. £22.


Delicate clusters of apple green Ludlamite scattered over a crystalline matrix of siderite and pyrite. Gorgeous and unusual miniature that displays well, from Huanuni, Bolivia. £180.